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Psyche…the butterfly in your dreams

Butterflies—messengers of the gods and embodiment of our souls. Many ancient cultures regarded butterflies as symbols of the human soul. More than one culture believed that a butterfly in one’s dream is a messenger of joy and transformation from the gods. The butterfly’s transformation from caterpillar to a brilliant and fragile being that can touch a flower’s petal, mud, wild winds and death is like our own quest from a being controlled and frightened by all things of the earth to a spirit that can create and soar.

From whose Rocky Shore...

Every other week I have the great honor to write for The Worlds of Myth ... a group of passionate mythologists who are reviving the ancient knowledge, the ancient spirit. Here's my last post:

Posted by Gail Strickland · November 28 ·
“First, in this prayer of mine, I give the place of highest honor
Among the gods to the first prophet, Gaia, Mother Earth” The Pythia Priestess
“Eumenides” by Aeschylus

From whose rocky shore … by Gail Strickland