With Pan on her Side

In this insightful review written by by James Webster, he says, "Just when I thought this was a realistic story, here comes Pan with his bag of tricks. Thaleia is a true child of nature, and she experiences Pan not as a scary would-be rapist but as delightful-smelling outdoor kitchen god of sorts." Check out this great review! https://jswebstermindvoyages.wordpress.com/

Another Five Star Review!

Gorgeous, poetic and powerful!, December 24, 2014

By D. Goelz "Debbie" - See all my reviews
This review is from: Night of Pan (The Oracle of Delphi Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Gail Strickland's writing will take your breath away. Her facility with language is amazing, her prose is gorgeous—full of imagery and lush sensory detail. And the plot moves along at an exciting pace. Her knowledge of Greek mythology is unparalleled. Her heroine is strong and a great role model for girls. I highly recommend this book.

Review by Caughtupinbooks November 15, 2014

First off I absolutely love anything to do with Greek Mythology!! That’s why this one caught my eye. Once I opened it up and to read it I didn’t want to put it down. The descriptions in the book were just perfect they seem so magical. I could just imagine being there and looking around in awe. I love that feeling, the one of peace and calmness and this book describes a few of those places, especially when she is visiting Pan. Pan is a wonderful character. I really love Pan. The music he and Thaleia play, its like I could hear it in my head.

Review by Heather Blomberg November 8, 2014

....richly evocative, immediately accessible!

Evocative, poetic and moving. The story of the 300 takes new wings after King Xerxes and his Persian army defeat King Leonidas at Thermopylae, Greece 480 BC. What of Greece now?
Thaleia as the oracle come in to being, surrounded by treachery and greed, on the cusp of womanhood and great events is a striking female lead easily identified with. An epic character brought to life by Strickland's startling descriptors. I look forward to the rest of the trilogy.